Elmsdale Attendance Support Worker


*New* Elmsdale District Attendance Support Worker, Heather vonKintzel

We would like to welcome Heather von Kintzel as the new Attendance Support Worker at Elmsdale District School, Enfield Elementary, and Riverside Education Centre. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has hired Attendance Support Workers to assist students and families experiencing challenges with absenteeism and late arrivals. We welcome you to contact our Attendance Support Worker, Ms. Heather VonKintzel (VonKintzelHH@ccrsb.ca), Ms. Alley (alleym@ccrsb.ca), or call 902-883-5350 to discuss potential strategies for improving absenteeism and late arrivals. Students can be dropped off any time after 7:45 am when teacher duty begins. Instruction officially begins at 8:00 am with our national anthem. ​