Home and School Committee

The Home and School is a group of parents and school staff who volunteer their time to social, recreational and fundraising initiatives. This group is tasked with running special events that take place in and around the school. 

These volunteers work to coordinate fundraising events in order to provide some of the necessary resources for the school, teachers and students that are not covered under the budget allocated to the school by the Board. The Home and School works to raise monies for such things as class trips, art supplies, student recognition awards and much more! 

Some of the other programs the Home and School along with many volunteers supports are the Annual Craft Market, Christmas Dinner, Grade Five Recognition, Field Day and so on. 

When parents and guardians are well informed about their children's education, and work with teachers and administrators to bring about positive change, quality of life at school improves for all.

The Home and School Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:10 in the Seminar Room, with the exception of December, March and June. There is a General Meeting held each September in conjunction with Meet the Teacher evening. Election of officers is held during the meeting in May.